Ive Got Something To Say Tab

by Al Denson


[D]Hey now, people
[C]I've got something to [D]say
[F]God's [E]not [D]dead
His [C]Children aren't ash[D]amed

[D]Hey now, people
[C]We're not just here to [D]play
[D]Stand up, shout out
There's [C]power in Jesus [D]name

{verse 1}

[D]We're in a war
And we're [C]fighting a [G]foe never [A]seen
The prince of [D]darkness
Who [C]claims we are [G]his propert[F]y
But God gives us [C]armour  [A]
That keeps us stand[E]ing strong

{repeat chorus}

{verse 2}

I'm fed up with the lies
that would blind from the truth
Hey, thats enough,
from the Devil who's hell bound to lose
The sword of the spirit
Gives us the victory

{repeat chorus twice}

{instrumental on verses chord progression}
{repeat chrous a couple more times to finish}