Billy Tyler Tab

by Albert Lee

>From the album "Hiding" by Albert Lee

                    Billy Tyler
     4/ Intro: ///////// (bend) /////////
      4        ///

        Verse 1
        Billy's lady told him-let this be understood

        somethin' better happen soon  cause things don't

        look to good---tired of savin' pennies-tryin' to

        make ends meet-come next Monday afternoon-we're

        gonna be out in the street

        Verse 2
        Billy thought it over-he said with a smile

        everythings gonna be allright-just a little while

        gotta get down to it-pack my things and go

        he put on his tennis shoes-walked out into the snow.

        Oh Billy Tyler do you remember what you said

        does your conscience get you when your lyin'

        in your bed. Does it make you sorry for the

        things that you've done -do you feel repentance

        on the tip of your tongue-did you have to grab
                           (Bend) //////
        your things and ru---n

        Verse 3
        She received a postcard-sad for her that way

        said I found myself a job-here at whitesand bay

        sendin' you some money-so that you can eat

        everythings gonna be allright-soon be back on

        my feet

        Repeat chorus:

        Fadeout on- ////////////

         The ~ over the F# chord means to bend the whole
        chord up one fret. If you listen to the record
        you will get what I mean. This is a great album