Alone Tab

by Alice In Chains

Alice In Chains ft. Pearl Jam - Alone

It's been a long day at the bottom of the hill
She died of a broken heart
She told me I was livin' in the past
Drinkin' from a broken glass

I'm alone
(I never want to be alone)
Now I
(Now I turn to face the cold)

I'm alone
(I never want to be alone)
Now I
(Now I wanna turn to travel home)

I walked down the other end today
Just to catch those last few rays
I held out my hand and slowly waved goodbye
I turned now, my eyes up to the sky


*Guitar solo*

She'll come back to me
She'll come back to me
All alone in this misery
She'll come back to me

I held out my hands into the light and I watched it die
I know that I was part to play
My time, my time to die 
And never want to spend my life alone



There's alot of confusion as to who is actually playing this(or who wrote it,
for that matter), but the name of the file I downloaded was Alice in Chains with
Pearl Jam - Alone (acoustic), so I'm going with that. It sounds like Layne Staley
and Eddie Vedder alright, but there's other files saying it's Creed ft. Tool,
so...meh. Great song, anyway.