I Want The World To Know Tab

by Anjulie

"I Want The World To Know" - Anjulie
Chords by Joan's Genius 2009

It feels like it feels like when you’re in a dream state
Like when you wanna run but you can’t, when you wanna scream but you can’t
When you wanna love but there’s nobody in front of you yet
And then you’re alone and in a moment of clarity you know what it is you’re missin

Verse 1:
I I I I spin around and let my arms dangle, my feet  tangle
I bump my head and hit the ground
I dial your number but my finger’s shakin, my cake's bakin
I’m sick of ricochetin' around
  What if I blurt out I love you 
Baby I got to be cool
I wanna jump in a pool of you
And go splash splash splashin around

  I want the world to know
  It doesn’t matter if you don’t
  I want the world to know
   No it don’t matter if you don’t

Verse 2:
I I I I try and tell ya but my tongue swells up my tears well up
I think I’m allergic to ya babe
Somebody help me I’m having trouble breathin, this food I'm eatin
Is about to come up the other way
What if I blurt out I love you
Baby I got to be cool
I wanna tell you how much you mean to me
Baby I got to tell you, baby i got to tell you

(repeat Chorus)

This feelin, this feelin’s like a dagger in my stomach
Gotta keep a secret can I tell it baby let’s get under the
Covers, let's get under the covers
Oooh no no no there ain’t no other, no there ain't no other

(repeat Chorus)