Drug Free Tab

by Anton Barbeau

woke up this morning
first thing i see'd
two sets of FBeyeballs
looking back at me
one asked the other
"is this the guy?"
next thing, i'm in a plane and learning how to fly
drug free (drug free)
drug free (drug free)

went to the doctor with my head in a sling
i'd lost the will to write, to strum and to sing
he gave me something for my tooth and my jaw
prescription bubblegum
open up and say "aah" 
drug free (drug free)
drug free (drug free)

(piano solo. same chord structure)

i'm in a field, i'm in a cloud
i'm in a fashion show
i'm messed up pretty loud
where's my companion
i've got to ask her "hey"
"how much of this is real?"
and how much would she say...
is drug free? (drug free)
drug free (drug free)

*listen to song for timings

E-0--  E-1--  E-3--  E-0--
A-0--  A-2--  A-2--  A-1--
D-1--  D-3--  D-3--  D-0--
G-2--  G-3--  G-0--  G-2--
B-2--  B-x--  B-0--  B-3--
e-0--  e-x--  e-x--  e-x--