Florida Sunshine Tab

by As Fast As

Hey guys.  I was amazed to see these guys didn't have any tabs up on here, since they're
awesome band and all, so I thought I'd just make my own then. Here's most of the song
though it might not look like it.  It repeats a lot.  Other than these parts and the 
there's just a few little licks.  I'm gonna try to figure out the solo pretty soon, but
the meantime, enjoy!

v - Downstroke
^ - Upstroke
x - Deaden Strings
\ - Slide Down

  vv   ^  vv   ^  vv   ^   v ^ v  v  v

Main Riff
------------------------------------|      When the riff is repeated
----5-3-----------------------------|      immediately, do not play the
--------5-4-3-----------------------|      slide.  Only play when there
--3-----------6-3-6-3-6-0-1-2-(3\)--|      is a break in the guitar.

Sometimes this is repeated.  Or sometimes it does this after the main riff:

--5-3-5--|      Then it repeats.

Listen to the song to get a feel for the tempo, when the repeats are (or aren't), and
that other good stuff. Have fun!