Heavy Water Tab

by Discordance Axis

Band: Discordance Axis
Song: Heavy Water
Album: Ulterior
Tuning here is DADGBe

E  :-----------------------|--------|
B  :-----------------------|--------|
G  :--------2-------------2|--------|
D  :5-3-1-3-2-0-1-5-3-1-3-2|5xxx5xxx|
A  :5-3-1-3-0-0-1-5-3-1-3-0|5xxx5xxx|
D  :5-3-1-3---0-1-5-3-1-3--|3xxx3xxx|
              Repeat from   For the xs, raise your hand off the frets
              here a bunch  and strum quickly (like harmonics)
E  :-----------------------------------------|
B  :-----------------------------------------|
G  :-----------------------------------------|
D  :5xx6xx7xx8xx9xx10xx11xx12xx13xx14xx15xx16|
A  :5xx6xx7xx8xx9xx10xx11xx12xx13xx14xx15xx16|
D  :3xx4xx5xx6xx7xx-8xx-9xx10xx11xx12xx13xx14|

E  :-------|
B  :-------|
G  :-------|
D  :5-5-3-3|
A  :5-5-3-3|
D  :3-3-1-1|
That's it.